GreenScreenZipper 2.6

Green Screen Wizard is powerful green screen software for photographers

Have you ever heard about “Green Screen Video Special Effects”? I think, all those people who answer this question negatively don't suspect that they come across such an effect every time they watch a Hollywood blockbuster. Green Screen Video is used in modern cinematography widely. The essence of this method is to combine two different video clips or pictures into one. One of the video clips becomes a background, and the other one is a foreground. This means that you can take a video of yourself and a video clip with a wonderful seashore, combine them and send to all of your friends a video clip about your "vacation by the sea". GreenScreenZipper is the application that allows you to perform this task easily. All you have to do is to load video clips for background and foreground, define video resolution, and the application combines them. The program allows you also to combine pictures in the same way. What is more, you can adjust all the settings you think are needed, to get better results.

Ilya Barmenkov
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